The 3 B’s We’ll Never Minimize

Minimalism is a hot topic these days. Many families are learning to live with less and loving it. Decluttering the home declutters the mind is the general premise of this movement. While I think there is value in decluttering and simplifying, there’s three things that start with “B” in our house we will never minimize.


Blocks are a great open-ended toy. Soft blocks can be used in infancy and interlocking blocks are great for developing fine motor and visual scanning skills in toddlers.

Studies show blocks promote creativity and introduce first lessons in math and science. In fact, young children who were given frequent opportunities to play with blocks scored higher in math and science in middle school!

To read more about how playing with blocks benefits your child, click here.


We have collected quite a lot of balls over the last two years. My extremely active toddler plays with almost all of them daily. Balls are great for gross motor development, social skills, and even language. Read more about how balls promote development here.

Since my son is obsessed with balls, I have learned to incorporate them in other learning activities.

Yesterday, we made shapes out of balls and then practiced drawing the shape on paper. He loved it! We have also been using balls while practicing our colors and counting. I’d love to hear your ideas!


Introducing children to books at an early age is crucial to language development and literacy. Did you know the amount of words your child hears before the age of 3 directly impacts to the amount of words she will know at age 10? It’s true!

How do you increase the amount of words your child hears? By reading books daily. Books are a great way to use words you don’t use in your everyday life. Take the word “dinosaur” for example. When is the last time you used that word in conversation?

We’ve acquired a ton of books from yard sales and Goodwill. The children’s books are generally only a dollar or less. A few of our favorites, though, we bought from Amazon. Our favorite books right now are Brown Bear, Brown Bear, Baby Says Moo, and If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.

What are some items in your house you refuse to minimize? Reply below and spark an idea in another reader!

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  1. Excellent! We read to our baby 3 times per day with a few books each time. I need to get some nice wooden blocks though. Maybe I’ll order from TimberChild. I like that they’re local and sustainable.

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