Choosing to Cloth Diaper: A Lesson in Empowerment

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a cloth diaper advocate. Many, if not most, people I knew prior to having my first child thought that I was crazy for wanting to cloth diaper.

They said it would be too hard to keep up and I would be wasting my money on something that would not pan out. Well, I’m proud to say that 25 months later, I am still cloth diapering my son.

There was a lot of trial and error and, in hindsight, I did waste some money purchasing diaper brands until I found the one I liked. However, I feel like what I learned through this experience was greater than just diapering my child. Looking back, I gained confidence in myself through this experience.

Here’s a few things I’ve learned through my journey…

I have never:

  • Had to make a late night run to the store to purchase diapers.
  • Had to put diapers on my credit card when funds were low.
  • Kept a diaper on longer than it should have been because we were running low.

I have:

  • Learned how to diaper my baby successfully using cloth diapers.
  • Had the opportunity to educate others on the “new” cloth diapers.
  • Learned that cloth diapers keep in explosive diarrhea better than disposables.
  • Had the pleasure of meeting many interesting cloth diapering moms, including Jen Labit, owner of Cottonbabies.
  • Developed business relationships in the cloth diaper world that benefitted many moms in the early education program I work.

My takeaway moment from all of this has been the feeling of empowerment through cloth diapering. I have been able to meet my child’s diapering need without any help. I have exceeded most people’s expectations, including my own, by mastering something I knew nothing about previously.

I have learned so much that I feel comfortable sharing this knowledge with others, further increasing my confidence. Cloth diapering has been, for me, more than just diapering my child. It has been a lesson in self-empowerment.

What unpopular parenting decisions have you made that you or your family ultimately benefitted from?

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