Encouraging Independent Quiet Time

My seeker has a hard time taking naps. Instead of forcing him to lay down and watching an hour meltdown, we  have instituted a two hour afternoon quiet time instead. This means we, as parents, also have to be quiet. No television, no electronics.

Kids with sensory issues thrive on being able to choose. In order to help our seeker choose his quiet time activity, I created a quiet time choice board.

This board is rather straightforward. The parent puts six approved activities and the child chooses one (or more) for quiet time. If the board is laminated, hands can be drawn on the clock to indicate when quiet time is over. Since my toddler cannot yet read clocks, we combine this with an Alexa alarm to indicate when quiet time is beginning and ending.

Instituting this choice board has been a pleasant process for weekends when my seeker refuses to nap. I try and vary the activities that he gets to choose from and keep them up in a closet so they are novel and exciting for him. We put the board on the fridge and use sticky tack to hold up the activities. You could also use magnetic tape or velcro dots.

What would you do with 2 hours of quiet time a day?



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