Peter’s Chair: Parent Guide to Reading Aloud

Peter’s Chair by Ezra Jack Keats

Parent Information

In many stories, a character often has a problem that he or she needs to solve. Talking with your child about the character’s problems and solutions helps them to be more aware of story structure.

Seeing how characters solve their problems gives children choices to think about when trying to solve problems in their own lives.

Recommended Age

3 to 7 years


  • Make and confirm predictions
  • Discuss problem-solving techniques
  • Discuss sharing and dealing with change


Look at the cover and the pictures on each page. Ask questions such as the following:
• What do you see on the cover?
• What do you think this story is about?
• What characters are in the story?


Read the story aloud to your child, encouraging him/her to think about what Peter’s problem is and how he solves it at the end of the book.


• Talk with your child about Peter’s problem. Have your child tell you how he knows what Peter’s problem is, using the pictures in the book.
• Talk with your child about how Peter solves his problem, using the pictures in the book again.


• Choose some of the other books below by Ezra Jack Keats to read.
• Use the same steps that you used for Peter’s Chair.

You can download a printable copy of the parent’s guide, Peter’s Chair.

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